Bridge the gap between your transformation and digital journey with services from NSD.


Server & Data Replication

We provide data replication solutions with all the capabilities necessary to keep server system and databases replicated and synchronized across multiple systems and environments. We help to ensure the applications and systems remain available too, even when catastrophic failures take out a system, an entire data center, or even a geographic region. 


Enterprise Network Infrastructure

NSD can build and implement enterprise network strategy designed to fit your wired and wireless networking needs. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, our experts can help you put a plan together and guide you through every phase of implementation and management. 


Server & Workstation Hardware

Protecting your server and workstation hardware against failure is the essential step towards improving resilience and availability. We provide comprehensive, vendor-agnostic server and workstation support & maintenance services to protect all hardware from a range of OEMs equipment. 


Microsoft Enterprise Solution

NSD is a proud partner of Microsoft for the mobile-first, cloud-first, and hybrid centric world with programs such as Active Directory Deployment, Office 365, Azure, MS Exchange Online, Skype, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.


Backup & Restore Solution

We deliver SLA, up-time and availability for all you Cloud, Virtual and Physical workloads. Fast, reliable, application aware, image-based, rapid recovery and simple to use or manage.


IT Outsourcing & Managed Services

Managed Service Provider brings not only practical delivery of a predictable service model and cost to deliver new IT service quickly and effectively to an enterprise, but also enhance the stability and peace of mind for IT and businesses.


Virtualization Infrastructure

Now we modernize your virtualization across your entire data center to drive even greater speed and efficiency. Do More with Less. Consolidate your server infrastructure now.


Cloud Server Hosting

We are providing cloud computing platform, virtual machines, object storage and content delivery networks. We offer services that leverage both open and proprietary from various vendor technologies.


Structured Cable & Management

We are specialized in cable management, structure cabling, fiber optics cabling, data center cabling infrastructure management. 

In these complex, quickly-changing frenzied climates, we understand the importance of accelerating the transformation of your business.

WaaS - WiFi
as a

Quickly deploy a high-speed wireless network

Cloud managed

No Capital expenditure

Single monthly price

Info Security

Understand how ISM service, software and hardware works

Better Security landscape

Mitigate attacks

Detect, respond & resolve 

Data Center

Maximize and optimize business efficiencies

Mitigate operation risks

Reduce the costs

Ease the DC management.


Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS)

DR as
a Service

*8x5 unlimited support
*Unlimited remote recover
*Image and File backup
*Minimum 1 Year Contract

Monthly Subscription

Wifi as a Services (WaaS)

a Service

*8x5 unlimited support
*Unlimited troubleshooting
*Included AP & installation
*Minimum 1 Year Contract

Monthly Subscription

Network as a Services (NaaS)

Network as
a Service

*8x5 unlimited support
*Unlimited troubleshooting
*Included hardware setup
*Minimum 1 Year Contract

Monthly Subscription

Infra as a Services (IaaS)

Infra as
a Service

*8x5 unlimited support
*Unlimited troubleshooting
*Included health-check
*Minimum 1 Year Contract

Monthly Subscription


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